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RILEM International Symposium
on Bituminous Materials

June 8-10, December 14-16, 2020 - Lyon, France


Université de Lyon ENTPE LTDS CNRS

RILEM TC 264-RAP Workshop

4th RILEM Technical Committee 264-RAP Industry Workshop
Asphalt Pavement Recycling

June 11th December 17th 2020, 13:30-16:30

ENTPE, Vaulx-en-Velin, France


  • Prof. Gabriele Tebaldi, Univ. di Parma, Italy (Chairman of the RILEM TC 264-RAP)
  • Prof. Eshan Dave, Univ. of New Hampshire, USA (Deputy chairman of the RILEM TC 264-RAP)


This workshop is expected to be a meeting point for discussions among academia, industries and agencies to exchange ideas and transfer of knowledge and expertise. The workshop will be focused on the different aspects of recycling of asphalt pavements from the point of view of agencies, pavement constructors and equipment manufacturers. A major objective of this workshop is to have an open exchange between researchers and practitioners to gather information on open problems that have to be tackled in coming years to successfully recycle asphalt pavements. A series of speakers will make presentations to define the problems and present innovative solutions to these problems. The idea is to explore both technical and practical aspects of the different asphalt recycling techniques topic ranging from specifications, equipment, life cycle assessment and the environmental aspects.


Registration for the RILEM TC 264-RAP Workshop                                                           -   35 €

Combined registration for RILEM TC 264-RAP and RILEM TC 279-WMR Workshops   -   50 € 

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